What interests me at most is your treatment. Does it achieve the desired effect? How big is the difference between your condition at the time after come back from Iraq and now?

My treatment of using rap music as my therapy definitely achieves the desired effect. It hasn’t cured me from my symptoms in general, but I am definitely doing better now than when I first returned home from War in Iraq. Mainly because I am able to release my emotions through music, for example when I came back home from Iraq and caught my wife cheating with another man. I wanted to kill him, I tried to kill him, but now when I have angry thoughts about that situation or other situations that make me very angry I write a song about it. Which in turn the song releases the emotion, which allows me not to act on my anger. SOMETIMES.

Not everyone knows that music is an alternative treatment being embraced by military officials eager to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Do you took part in that kind of therapy? And if yes, except your own rhymes who do you listen to?

No I have not taking part of this alternative treatment that is being embraced by the military currently. It is a very flawed treatment the military is using because they are using classical music for the treatment. Look we are COMBAT Veterans, not cooks, not finance clerks, Combat Veterans we want to hear the truth, the bloody truth. Honestly there’s no music out there that really makes me feel better than my own, but I do listen to Christian Rock music, and some Christian Rap music, because it makes me think of life after this one. It makes me feel as though God still loves me and hasn’t abandon me so maybe I shouldn’t abandon myself. I think the military needs to embrace more music my style or at least something more hardcore, rap, rock. Something that doesn’t make you want to give up but something that makes you want to fight.

You lost your wife, daughter and your mind…what point of life are you now? How did the growth of popularity translated into better living?

My mind still hasn’t completely returned to me yet, I am still without my wife and still without my daughter and still without the life I would have wanted to have. Yet I feel things are getting better for me, as I tell myself to move forward, through music I can do that, through music I can change my own reality. Through music I’ve been able to say on my last album, hey I’m moving on, or hey I’m going to be happy and when I declare it in a song it has helped me to reach for that goal, because whenever I feel down or out I just listen to that song that says hey you got to move on, you got to stay strong.

Who are you going to vote for in presidential elections? How would you rate Obama and Romney?

Wow with this question I will answer this because it’s an overseas Press interview ha-ha … I’ll start with the Opponent Mitt Romney, he seems like he’s has the right intentions, he even seems like a somewhat moral man, I have personally watched the elections closely and have seen Mitt Romney back track on too many statements. I am the type of person that lives my life on having great integrity, I have been to Jail, I will not back track from that or beat around the bush I am truthful always. Mitt Romney just hasn’t been truthful always. I think that is impart of him wanting to win so bad that he was willing to say anything to get the nomination. As far the current President Barack Obama, I like the guy just like the rest of the world which is why is favorability rating is so high. I personally think he has tried to do the best he can to turn things around with the cards he was dealt. And that’s all I ask of anybody do your best, and best honest at doing it and I think for the most part he has done that and has earned another vote from me.

Polish rappers also refer to soldiers and their families personal tragedies. How do you like the Rasmentalism song „A few hundred balls from home”?

Here is my favorite verse:

“mother if you hear me,
that maybe mention my children that only dead see end of the war
they should have views the same like you and tell the father it means nothing when he is proud trough the tears
for sure he presented to you another version
it’s nothing…
sky is blue like never before,
my shoes are light like never before,
is good if you hear my anthem look into the sun”

I think it’s a nice song, I think most soldiers and veterans would agree, but we would also agree that no polished rapper can ever speak from what we personally have done because they haven’t been there and done it.

PS. Wyjeżdżam na weekend, więc przetłumaczoną wersję dostaniecie w poniedziałek. :-)